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turbo - Great source of news on making games using any of the Borland compilers.

delphigamer - This site provides useful news, interviews, tutorials and downloads. guide to delphi programming - If you've got a query about doing something in Delphi, be it games related or not, this is the place to come. This site has a huge resource of tutorials, code, and a great message board. Admittedly, this isn't a games specific site but you will still find much of interest here.

riversoftavg - This site has some excellent resources for those interested in AI. Here you can find Thomas Grubb's excellent Flocking and Formation Flocking components which allows you to recreate the movement of say, a flock of birds. You can also find the old TAStarPathPlanner component which will provide you with some useful insight into how to add path finding capabilities to your games. Once you've looked at all that you can give RiversoftAVG's Inference Engine Component Suite a go too :-)

the pythian project - Here you can find a large group of people who are creating an open source single/multiplayer RPG with a real-time 3D interface using everyone's favourite language, Delphi. If you think you can help or you just want to observe what's going on, head there now.

xenonaut - You can find lots of stuff on games programming here. There are many links to various games programming site (some of which are Delphi specific), tutorials, and downloads.

art of games - This German site provides some links to many tutorials, both English and otherwise, and they're currently working on an adventure game with DelphiX. Head here to help them out :-)

directx specific sites

the hori homepage - This is the website of the creator of DelphiX. A version compatible with Delphi 6 and 7 is available here, and for the most recent official release (which is now rather old), you can download a mirrored copy from turbo here.

undelphix - Michael Wilson of turbo has created this patch for DelphiX which uses the Jedi DirectX headers (which incidentally you can download below). It is faster than DelphiX, but isn't fully functional yet. I suggest you look at this page and as long as you don't use any of the incomplete elements, use this instead of DelphiX.

project jedi - In the Delphi Graphics part of this site you can find translations of both the DirectX headers. There are many examples of using the DirectX headers here.

neobrothers - Here you can find some tutorials on DelphiX. They are all in German so if you can't speak the language you'll have to use Altavista's translator or something :-)

delphi3DX - Home of the TCollisionTester3DX component, which supplements the DelphiX library very nicely.

DGC - Support for the Delphi Games Creator components is a little thin on the ground these days which is a real shame. You can still however download the components here where some effort is being made to revive them.

opengl specific sites

nehe - I can't speak highly enough of this site. Here you will find a massive collection of tutorials on OpenGL most of which have Delphi source code you can download. You won't find a better site on OpenGL as a whole.

glscene - This excellent component set for OpenGL is perhaps the easiest way of getting into OpenGL development with Delphi or Kylix.

sulaco - Originally started by the late Jan Horn, this site has a lot of OpenGL Delphi examples available for download. Definitely worth a visit.

delphi3D - Some nice OpenGL Delphi coded downloads and articles can be found here.

delphiGL - Even more Delphi OpenGL examples and tutorials.

3d engines

3dstate - Previously know as Morfit, they've gone through many changes since I first introduced them on this site. You can still download an old version of their software but to get the latest versions you have to pay out. Version 5.0 currently costs $49 for a non-commercial license but if you intend to sell a game you've made with it you need to either stump up $399 per product or $6480 for an unlimited commercial license. You can download the WorldBuilder directly here.

truevision 3d - The TrueVision 3D engine has been going from strength to strength recently. With full support for Delphi (amongst other languages) it's certainly worth a look.


the delphi superpage - The original resource for all things Delphi-component related, still provides a massive pool of components for all versions of Delphi and Kylix.

torry's delphi page - Another great resource for Delphi components, only with a slightly easier to use interface than that found at the Delphi Superpage.

flatstyle - These components have been around for a long time now, providing a large range of replacemement nicer customised controls, which are certainly useful in application development, and may also find a use in your games.

delphi abc - If you haven't found a component to do what you're looking for on the above sites, then you can always try here.


3D Buzz - Non-Delphi related, but an absolutely fantastic resource for those looking to learn how to make 3D models, or to produce games using the Unreal or Doom 3 engines. There are hours and hours of video tutorials covering all the major 3d packages, so you're bound to find something you like, not to mention the excellent community of 3D Buzz members.

blender 3d - A fantastic, free 3D package which will allow you to create great looking 3d stills, animations and game models. Blender is currently enjoying a great year of development having been bought out of its previous deal and been made open source.

milkshape 3d - Available completely free, this piece of software is under constant development allowing you to produce your own 3D models on a budget and convert between existing formats.

hi monkey - This has nothing to do with programming at all. It's just a funny little site. You can't program all the time, so take a break and go here.

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