For those that don't already know, what is the Morfit engine and WorldBuilder all about?

Morfit Ltd., founded in 1997, has developed a patent-pending ad-serving technology that inserts advertisements in 3D games and other virtual environments. Morfit has also developed a next-generation 3D computer graphics engine for 3D games, 3D web sites and other virtual reality applications. You can insert it into any run time application, like a gaming application or the Internet, with minimal hardware requirements.

Complex 3D scenes can be built in minutes using the WorldBuilder, and programmers can use our engine SDK to build an arcade level game from the world created in the WorldBuilder. We have SDKs for VC++, Visual Basic, Borland C++ Builder and Delphi. We offer many other tools to our developers community, like a plug-in for converting your 3D world into an amazing 3D web site, The TerrainBuilder which is a program that reads maps and converts them into 3D terrains and many other model convertors from 3ds, 3d studio Max, Quake2, Quake3, etc.

In 1999 you released the first version of the Morfit 3D engine for Delphi, what was the main decision behind this and why had it not been done before?

We have 40,000 programmers in our developers community, of which about 10% are Delphi programmers. The relative number of Delphi programmers explains why we released the Delphi SDK only a year ago. Another reason for creating the Delphi SDK was for a start-up company called MovieStar, which is using our WorldBuilder and Delphi SDK to build a special program helping movie directors and producers in the process of creating a movie.

Finally, are there plans to continue support for the Delphi platform, and if so are there any developments you can tell us about?

We always release the Visual C++ SDK version first, but we have devoted Delphi programmers in our community that help us translate the SDKs to Delphi. We intend to release a new version of the Delphi SDK in a few months which will be available on the Delphi companions CD.

Thank you to Tzachi Shahar for taking the time to answer these questions.

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