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When your powers combine...

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When your powers combine...

Postby Ferasso » Sun Feb 06, 2005 4:16 pm

DragonPhinn @ 4/9/02 1:01 am
I've noticed that most Delphi Game programming forums don't get a lot of people on them - maybe it's because there are too many, too far apart, disconnected, and none of them have too many people helping.

Perhaps you and I should find other likeminded Webmasters and start a unified central Delphi Game Programming Forum.

SluX @ 7/23/04 10:28 pm
Hmm...and maybe there arent a lot of Delphi game coders...

User137 @ 7/24/04 10:52 am
I like the idea of having one forum for all. I was hoping DelphiGameDev would have risen to that position, but Ben is delaying the new forum release.. for how long?

As much as i have searched internet, i see that DelphiGamer site has much professional releases, but some things are not up to date and forum is not very comfortable...this even less.

WILL @ 8/9/04 1:08 am
Hi guys. I was browsing swiftly through the more popular programming sites I frequent and noticed your comments here.

I was wondering if you guys were aware of the rather large project between both and As some of you may have noticed there was a rather large discussion about this a year ago, from which time I have been working with the owners of the two sites who are very much apart of the new site coming out soon.

The new site will be called "Pascal Game Development" and cover not only everything Delphi and Kylix, but Free Pascal, TMT Pascal and any other pascal compiler that the game programming community will support. Our goal is to unite all of the Pascal programmers who wish to continue to develop games with their chosen language, Pascal. We'll not only have tutorials and forums, but news and articles about gaming and other events going on in the pascal programmer's world.

I have yet to speak to Ben Watt about the possibility of joining us in this due to the amount of work both on the project and in my personal career that is going on. However this is a welcomed idea and I'd be glad to entertain any thoughts and discussions regarding this. Considering that has been looking for a change, it might be an opportune time to serve this purpose as well.

@ 8/9/04 1:39 am
We currently have a Staff of 16 people. However we are looking to hire some news reporters and writters and proof-readers. Some few years of background would be required for writting however to be able to provide constructive content.

Anyone interested should email either myself at
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