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general delphix questions

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general delphix questions

Postby Ferasso » Wed Apr 06, 2005 10:28 pm

calacver @ 11/30/04 10:29 pm
hi, i am new here and have trouble with a few things. if someone can please help me that would be kind. I am trying to write a tilebased rpg.

1) How to set the game to fullscreen without any colours getting mixed up?

2) In flexbattle User137 allows for different screen resulotions, how can this be done?

3) how do i make/create/get dxg files?

4) how big can delphix games be? is there a limit to the amount of pictures in byte size i can load before runtime?
should i load most bitmaps (dxg) at runtime for big games?

calacver @ 11/30/04 10:49 pm
scratch number 3, i just figured it out. found dxg editor

Why the hell no one replied to this thread??
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