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Every1, please read this!

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Every1, please read this!

Postby Ferasso » Sun Jan 16, 2005 9:13 pm

SluX @ 3/1/04 10:55 pm
Hm...i was about that we,members of this forum, organize a bit and make a game together?

Team is always a challenge.
What do u think?

User137 @ 3/2/04 9:21 am
I would agree. There would be possibly a problem to choose the graphics engine. The other thing is of course, what game would we make...

My current OpenGL units has almost all most common 3D features. Bone-animation is missing, but that doesn't prevent making some kinds of animations.
There's a 3D-editor that can load MilkShape3D made models, and my games can easily load and render them.

I have no experience of GLScene or DX...are they better?

SluX @ 3/2/04 4:16 pm
About the concept of the game....i have some ideas, i dont think that that would be a prob.

I ve never used OpenGl , but i m willing to learn(i must and i will ).

Any1 else?
Ben, how about you?

Anyway, i would really like this idea to come to life.

benwatt @ 3/2/04 5:17 pm

I'd be happy to support such an idea here. If you like, I can set up a dedicated room in the new forums to allow everything to be kept together nicely.

I may not have much time to actively take part in the project, but I'll do what I can, and you can certainly make use of the resources here.

SluX @ 3/3/04 4:29 pm
Ben, that would be great.When can u do that?

User137, r we going to do this thing or no?

I ve started learning OpenGl.It isnt so hard(maybe that part with the creation of the application itself).But i m only the beginner

User137 @ 3/3/04 6:13 pm
First you tell what your idea of the game would be

I think i will send you simple examples of using my OpenGL "engine" and the units themselves when i have more time... But you could study those Nehe lessons, since these units only make initializing (windowed in TForm and fullscreen), finalizing and 3D model using easy. Everything else (when using this) is pure OpenGL code and other components.

Yes i will join to make the game, but i hope there's no rush for it at the moment, because i have Flex2 and university going too...and that new DelphiGameDev would be nice to have been completed before that.

SluX @ 3/3/04 9:06 pm
I would really like to see those examples and units .
About my ideas....
Well...i wont post any story just a few concepts.

First of all, i think that every game should have some rpg elements(exp...).
1)Space shooter,top view, multi player(i think that we should use DelphiX for this).
Player controls a ship(he can choose between few classes of ships)which can be upgraded(shields,hull,engine....).
Players can organize to clans, build their own bases,research their own tech and fight each other.Ofcourse there will be neutral space colonies(space-stations,planets...), which can be visited by any player
2)Battles between all kinds of mages(priest,warlock,sorcerrer,druid,voodomon....).When u want to cast a spell,u have to type some code(elements) to cast it.Upon binding a spell, u can hear the words of this mage, so u can prepare for a defense(eg. if u hear some fire,earth,fire words-fire ball, u can cast counterspell).If u use some spell frequently, it gets better, and u can put it in your quick spell book(u activate it by pressing a hot key).
Also there isnt life and mana, only life power of a mage.Each spell requires an amount of this power, when it drops below zero-death.
When not battling, view is top view or isometric.

3)Survivor-a game where u can choose some troopers(those who prefer technology,those who prefer powers of the mind, and those which r in the middle).
Your task will be to survive hordes of enemies in some interesting levels(tactics required,and usage of auxilarry items,eg turrets,traps,etc.)
At the begginng of every level:"I cant belive it, once again we must save the universe", or some similar sathyric sentence
Map editor included

If u want, i can post more detailed descriptions, or some new ideas.

Btw, do u know where to find the Glaux unit?I need it to compile some of those nehe tutorials.

Ferasso @ 3/4/04 4:25 am
I think we should have a few things in mind:
The game shouldn't be that big, since we are few, and as far as I know, we don't have artists here, so, we need to either have some, or rip from a game. (Same for sound).
I've finished the university, but don't have that much time to spend on it. I've stopped some development for some time, because of other things, but I think that in one or two months, I'll be free to do what I want, then you can count me in. For the idea, I would go with the Space Shooter (OF COURSE!). Maybe starting it in 2D, with a not so sophisticated AI, and using OpenGL, could be somewhat easy to port it to 3D later. Also the models could be static, since there's no need to use bones, or other animation, making it more easy to develop.
For the glAux, you can get it googling for glaux.dll and/or glaux.pas. But now, I'm on lesson 30, and I'm not sure when I'll convert it from C, but until now, I think that only 3 or 4 lessons I haven't converted to delphi. For the setup routines and bitmap loading, I've used the ones available at
Have fun coding it... and don't dream with it!

User137 @ 3/4/04 7:16 am
Well, what a coincidence I just happen to have started a space shooter with Tile-map last year with DelphiX and it has pretty smart, accurately shooting bots. They can take advance when they shoot...
Its graphics are from Continuum, so we would have to make all the graphics.

But there's another space shooter which i started with OpenGL Bots has same stuff as before, but ships are 3D models and there are nicer looking explosions...Some things in this game seems lowing the FPS rate. This game has (if i remeber correctly) a hidden Tile-map feature that i disabled when too much cube-tiles on screen slowed it terribly down.

Of space-games the farthest is a pure 3D-space flying game, which uses sockets for network play already, and it works pretty well.
I don't have an algorithm for searching the vector for correct shooting advance as in 2D, but it would be SOO interesting to make there multiple star-systems and hyperdrives and planet colonization systems...

SluX @ 3/4/04 1:35 pm
Ok,space shooter then.
Personaly i think that this idea was the best,especialy those multiple starsystems and jump gates....
...As for the view 2d or 3d?

Speaking of that vector...i did it yesterday. I ve downlaoded some demo game engine in OpenGl and made moving routine in each direction.

When do we start?

benwatt @ 3/4/04 8:15 pm
SluX wrote:

Ben, that would be great.When can u do that?

I will try and get that setup and going as soon as possible (possibly in the next few days but no promises) The forum part of the site is now working but it makes use of the new layout which I'd like to introduce all at once.

I'll see what I can do.

User137 @ 3/5/04 6:38 pm
Here's something to begin with. I made 5 sample-programs from scratch
Requires DelphiX installed. Add path to source-folder to delphi library-path.

Hopefully there's not too many new things to learn, but i guess even a beginner could accomplish something with those...
(Not to mention what we could accomplish with it

User137 @ 3/6/04 4:40 pm
I updated that zip-file. It now uses OpenGL 1.5 headers from

OpenGL12 unit is now replaced with dglOpenGL.

SluX @ 3/7/04 8:03 pm
Ok, i ve downloaded that opengl unti, but i still need Tlibunit and some more.Where can i find them?

User137 @ 3/7/04 10:53 pm
All needed units are in file. Look for the source-folder. It should be added to delphi's library path...

Ferasso @ 3/7/04 11:18 pm
Well, I have a crapy video board, no support to Shading Language or multitexturing!

For the space shooter, I have a Asteroids clone made in C++ and OpenGL using GLUT:
Divided in 6 'chapters' it goes from simple triangle ships in 2D, until to Lighting. All files together take 4MB. Maybe something interesting could be extracted from it. Give me some time to take a look at it...

For the graphics, here's something that I've hacked from a old (1997) game called Uprising:
For all these five ships, there are also a black painting available. Just five fighting ships, yet there are another five or six bombers, lot's of tanks and buildings. Also SAM (surface to air missile), missiles, lasers, bombs, turrets. Almost everything with a green painting and black painting. Some objects have also a grey painting. What I have: full game (all objects), loading, and rendering procedures.
For the pictures I think you will need to copy and paste the link at your browser, or first access:

Well, copy and paste to your browser.

SluX @ 3/8/04 2:20 pm
I m pleased to see that u r in buisness.

Ferasso, these links aint working

SluX @ 3/8/04 5:57 pm
Do u have any documentation regarding your opengl engine?
Maybe just a brief description of procedures and functions?
How do u create those .w3d objects?Do u have an editor?

User137 @ 3/8/04 7:39 pm
No documentation made.. I could do something, but you are the first person asking for it.

Yes, i have made editor for those w3d objects. Until i publish it, you can make models with MilkShape3D, which can be imported by my editor. I could perhaps include MilkShape loader to T3DWorld unit.

Currently i'm making Sample6 - Collisions. I have found a bug in NearTriPoint (which should find nearest point at a triangle from any point) and it makes collision behave sometimes unnormally... you could check that function too if you like to speed things up

SluX @ 3/8/04 7:48 pm
Ok, i ll check it.

Btw, i dont know whats happening with that flex2.When i start downloading, it finishes itself at, i think, 20 %.Weird....

I have some probs with ymessenger,but i ll fix it shortly.

User137 @ 3/8/04 9:38 pm
Yipee! I got it working
Error was not in NearTriPoint but in the sample's code. I thought it automatically divides models to triangles.. it didn't, and now that i thought of it, its better this way.

Theory is that for 1 ball i calculate nearest point of all triangles in the world and collide from that point as if it was a sphere. Calculations seem to be efficient when there's hundreds of triangles.
Sample would need some calibration of the camera and controls, but you get the point with those..

Arrow-keys move and spacebar lifts the ball.

Ferasso @ 3/9/04 3:23 am
Slux, try copying and pasting the links to your browser, if it don't work, beat the damn computer!

SluX @ 3/9/04 1:53 pm
I cant beat my comp,cos i cant afford a new one .

I cant find that page.Even copying and pasting arent working.
Could u retype that link?

User137 @ 3/9/04 3:29 pm
I did get it working by copy-pasting. Explorer just added the http://

Well.. here's without URL conversion:

SluX @ 3/9/04 4:27 pm
Hm..not bad at all.But there is a small glitch...ball is able to "sink" .Have u noticed that?

I ve set up ymessenger.

User137 @ 3/9/04 9:57 pm
We had a little chat with SluX and he has the pics now...not directly from that page however..
Here's 4 my made space games that can be used in this project the way u like:

There's even my old DelphiX made Direct3DRM space test

Ferasso @ 3/10/04 3:19 am
I got TLib, and I'm downloading spacegames now. I think I'll take a look sooner than I thought.

User137 @ 3/10/04 6:33 pm
I added 1 unit to Fighter2D that was missing from that

We (Ferasso, are you in?) should chat with MSN Messenger, which has possibility to group conversation too.
My ID:

So much things and all does not end up here...
Currently we have made some deep planning for the game and started some preparative coding.

SluX @ 3/11/04 4:41 pm
I ll make a brief conception of our game an post it a new thread.

Ferasso, u ve mentioned some pics of turrets...can u send them to me?


MonkeyMagicProductions @ 5/23/04 1:42 pm
Hey there, just o bring an old post back to life, are you still working on this or haven't you started?

User137 @ 5/23/04 1:47 pm
I think our idea is currently to make it a browser based multiplayer game with java and php. More strategy...

MonkeyMagicProductions @ 5/24/04 7:22 am
But isn't that more, not Delphi related. The game your kinda suggesting seems like game. And I found it ... S**t. The game i'm working on now is more strategy.

SluX @ 5/24/04 10:49 am
I m sure that there are more browser-based stragety games out there....
But our will be the best 1!!!!!!!

We switched to this kind(browser-based), cos we think that this way more ppl will be able to play it.

MonkeyMagicProductions @ 5/24/04 12:08 pm
Ha ha, yea provided they have the same browser and so forth. Maybe a play by e-mail game.

SluX @ 5/29/04 11:02 pm
U r getting on y nerves a bit.....

If u are into gaming as we are, u would realize that making of mass multiplayer games is the best thing.

When it is over, u ll see.....

IceB @ 8/18/04 6:57 am
Hi guys(:

I like delphi, but when it comes on games C/C++ is
strongly required, with delphi you can't make a quake 3
wich runs ok (:

Delphi is lame, but VB the lamest !

But i am interested, about your project (:

The Icebreaker

User137 @ 8/19/04 9:40 am
Lol! Who said you couldn't make Quake3 like game in delphi? It is the same DirectX, OpenGL and SDL we are using for games with delphi, but this project is for java, because we play it with browser.
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